Northern Star (12/Jan/1839) – The Storm: Huddersfield

The Storm.


On Sunday night and Monday this town and neighbourhood suffered severely from the tremendous hurricane by which the chimney of Brodley Mill was blown down on the body of the building, crushing the roof and floors and severely damaging the machinery it is supposed to above £1,000. Also the chimney of Messrs. Eastwood, of Folly Hall, but no serious damage done. Also the chimney of Mr. Crossley, of Lindley, which fell upon one corner of the mill, and seriously damaging it. The long chimneys of Messrs. Frost and Moody, of Clegg Lane, were all blown down upon the dyehouses, doing a great deal of injury to the materials. The lead was blown from the roof with some of the slates off the Chapel Hill Chapel, and numerous chimneys in almost every part of the town and neighbourhood. The new Parish Church did not escape ; hay and corn stakes were strewn in all directions, and some entirely lost. The Bath Hotel at Lockwood, has suffered very much from the fall of the chimneys breaking the roof and damaging a great deal of furniture and bedding.