Huddersfield Chronicle (29/Jun/1872) – Health of Charles Brook, Esq.

Charles Brook had purchased Enderby Hall in Leicestershire in 1865 and died there on 10 July 1872.

Health of Charles Brook, Esq.

Our readers will be glad to learn that Charles Crook, Esq., of Enderby Hall, Leicester, is making the most satisfactory progress towards recovery. We have been favoured with the following extract from a letter received by Edward Armitage, Esq., on Saturday last, the nature of which will gladden the hearts of thousands in this neighbourhood :

We had a most anxious day yesterday. For a long time we thought Mr. Brook was not gaining ground ; indeed we thought him decidedly weaker, and he was incessantly afflicted with a distressing cough. Last evening, however, he improved and slept most comfortably, and today he is better. We have had Sir William Gull here today, in company with Dr. Shaw and Mr. Marriott, and he has made a most careful stethoscopic examination. Sir William says, “He is a great deal better than I expected. The tide has fairly turned. He has no progressive disease or injury to his lungs. It is retrogressive. He will require perfect quiet, and the most careful nursing for weeks, but unless some unforeseen relapse occurs he will do well. It is a most interesting case of a life snatched from death.”