Huddersfield Chronicle (15/Jun/1872) – The Illness of Charles Brook, Esq., of Enderby Hall

Charles Brook had purchased Enderby Hall in Leicestershire in 1865 and died there on 10 July 1872.

The high esteem in which he was held by the people of Huddersfield is shown by the coverage afforded to his illness by the Chronicle.



Our latest information respecting the illness of Mr. Charles Brook, of Enderby Hall, reports that, yesterday, his general condition was the same, and that, with the exception of a troublesome cough, the symptoms are improving. The following telegram was received yesterday at the Huddersfield Chamber of Commerce :—

“Passed a quiet night. Since four a.m. his cough has been troublesome. His general condition remains the same.”

The following appeared in yesterday’s Leicester Journal:

“Our readers in town and country will, we feel certain, rejoice with us that the serious illness of this much respected gentleman has assumed a more favourable form, and that there is now hope of his recovery. A relapse set in on Friday afternoon last, and Sir William Gull was again telegraphed for, and came down on Saturday, and held a consultation with Dr. Shaw and Dr. Marriott, who are in constant attendance. During Saturday night the condition of the patient was exceedingly critical, but early on Sunday morning, a change for the better took place, and from that time there has been a gradual improvement in the symptoms. The succeeding night was favourable, and throughout Monday Mr. Brook continued better, on which day a consultation was again held with Sir William Gull. On Wednesday and yesterday (Thursday), we understand Mr. Brook was still going on well, and we trust that now there is reason to hope that Mr. Brook will be spared to us.”

The following are the telegrams and documents we have published during the week :—

Friday last, 9:15 a.m.
Mr. Brook is most seriously worse ; has passed a quiet night; slightly better ; still very critical.

Friday last, 5:15 p.m.
Mr. Brook has passed a comfortable morning. Sir William Gull considers the case grave, though not hopeless.

Sunday. 9:50 a.m.
Mr. Brook appears to have taken a favourable turn ; and after a most distressing night, he sleeps soundly.

During the last few days much anxiety has been evinced by the inhabitants of this town generally, and on Sunday special prayers were read in the Pariah Church both morning and evening for the recovery of Mr. Brook.

Monday Morning.

The latest advices that have reached us concerning the illness of Mr. Charles Brook, of Enderby Hall, are of an encouraging character. After passing a very critical period on Friday and Saturday, Mr Brook took a favourable tarn on Sunday morning, and slept calmly for some time. The following telegrams have been received by Mr. G.H. Brook, Edgerton :—

Tuesday Morning.

The condition of Mr. Charles Brook, of Enderby Hall, remains unchanged. He slept calmly on Sunday night, and spent a calm day on Monday.

The last bulletin, which arrived at Hudderstidd, by telegraph, at 3:25 p.m. yesterday, was as follows :—

Mr. Charles Brook has passed a quiet night. General condition much the same as yesterday.

Wednesday Morning.

Our readers will be glad to learn that, on Monday, we received information to the effect that a gradual but satisfactory improvement had taken place in the condition of Charles Brook, Esq., of Enderby Hall. It appears that Mr. Edward Brook, of Meltham Hall, who went to Enderby on Friday night last, returned home on Monday morning. No further telegrams are expected unless a relapse takes place.

Thursday Morning.

Charles Brook, Esq., of Enderby Hall, continues to improve in health. His progress is slow but satisfactory, and his ultimate recovery is now confidently expected. The following telegram was received at Meltham Hall on Wednesday afternoon, a few minutes before one o’clock:—

Mr. Brook has passed a comfortable night, and his general condition continues to improve.

A similar telegram was posted in the Huddersfield Chamber of Commerce during the afternoon.

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