Huddersfield Chronicle (15/Jun/1872) – Meltham: Mr. Charles Brook’s Benevolence


Mr. Charles Brook’s Benevolence.

It has often been said that genuine charity knows no bounds. This is amply proved by the large-hearted benevolence of Mr. Charles Brook, of Enderby — whose health is now unfortunately in a precarious state, — who looses no opportunity of dispensing portions of his vast wealth for the temporary and permanent benefit of the working-class. A recent act of this kind deserves recording, and has only oozed out during the past few days. On the last visit of Mr. Brook to his native hills at Meltham Mills, the list of “pensioners” (male and female) of the firm was examined, and with his characteristic benevolence, Mr. Brook at once increased the allowance to the old employees of Meltham Mills in the following proportion : The men who had previously been in receipt of 5s. per week, were advanced to 8s., while the females, (widows and others) allowance was raised from 2s. 6d. to 4s. per week.