Huddersfield Chronicle (08/Jun/1872) – Serious Illness of Charles Brook, Esq., of Enderby Hall

Charles Brook had purchased Enderby Hall in Leicestershire in 1865 and died there on 10 July 1872.

Serious Illness of Charles Brook, Esq., of Enderby Hall.

The public will doubtless share the regret with which we learn of the serious illness of that well-known and highly-esteemed philanthropist, Charles Brook, Esq., of Enderby Hall. The affection from which Mr. Brook is suffering is congestion of the lungs, and so dangerous were the symptoms at one time, that Sir J. Gull was telegraphed for to assist the medical gentlemen in attendance. We are able to state that the alarming symptoms have somewhat abated, and that there are sufficient grounds for hoping that the sufferer will sooner or later recover.

Fridays account.

Yesterday’s Leicester Journal says : We regret to have to announce that Mr. C. Brook, of Enderby Hall, a gentleman so highly respected by all classes in town and county, has been seized with a serious illness. About a fortnight ago Mr. Brook became very unwell, and Dr. Shaw was called in. From that period to the present he has been most assiduous in his attention to the patient, but on Saturday last matters assumed so grave an aspect that Sir William Gull. M.D., one of the physicians in attendance on his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, was sent for. A consultation took place between him and Dr. Shaw at the Hall, on Saturday, and the joint impression of these gentlemen, we rejoice to say, was favourable to the recovery of Mr. Brook. On Tuesday Mr. Brook had passed a much quieter day, and yesterday (Thursday) the symptoms were more favourable than at any previous period during the illness. That he may be speedily restored to health is the unanimous hope of all who know him.