Huddersfield Chronicle (07/Jan/1871) – Golcar: Lost in a Fog


Lost in a Fog.

On Tuesday night a flock-dealer, from Ley Moor, Golcar, found himself in a ludicrous position, and which has caused considerable amusement to numbers of his friends and neighbours. It seems he visited Huddersfield that day on business, and bad imbibed to an extent that towards night he became somewhat muddled. Remaining in town till the last train had left Huddersfield, he started off to walk home, and managed very well till Chapel Hill was reached ; but here the fog (in his head) was so thick that, instead of continuing on Manchester Road, he took the more easy one, and descended Chapel Hill, continuing on through Lockwood and Dungeon, nor did he discover his mistake until rudely brought to his recollection during the small hours of the morning, by discovering that instead of being, as he imagined, at Golcar, he was actually in the Big Valley, and going to Netherton. Chagrined, he retraced his steps, and ultimately reached home, the fog having by that time become much less dense than when he left Huddersfield.