Huddersfield Chronicle (29/May/1869) – Meltham: Inspection of the Branch Line of Railway


Inspection of the Branch Line of Railway.

The long anticipated inspection of the branch line from Huddersfield to Meltham has at length taken place, but with what result remains to be seen ; nor will that result be known until after the inspector (Col. Yalland) has made his report to the Board of Trade. The inspection took place on Wednesday, and at 12 minutes past two o’clock a special train, consisting of engine, tender, and three carriages, one a first-class and the others second-class, containing the Government Inspector (Captain Binstead), a number of the directors of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company, their engineers, the contractors, and others left the Huddersfield Station. Arriving at the Dungeon Wood junction, a second engine was attached, and with the additional weight the numerous bridges on the line were tested as to their capabilities of sustaining the weight intended to be sent over them. Every part of the line was minutely inspected, and the company did not return to Huddersfield till a quarter-past six in the evening.