Huddersfield Chronicle (17/Jun/1865) – Lockwood: Local Board Meeting


Local Board Meeting.

[…] The Clerk then read the minutes of the last meeting, which were confirmed. A short conversation then ensued as to the railway works now progressing in Dungeon Wood, which were within ten yards of the bridle footpath, which has already occupied the attention of the Board.

Mr. Ashton urged that it was time the Board took positive action, as unless that was done forthwith the road would be stopped altogether. He considered they ought to apply immediately for an injunction to prevent the company going on with the works until they had made a good and safe road in lieu of it.

The Chairman was also of the opinion that something ought at once to be done in the matter, otherwise the public would loose their rights.

Mr. Crosland asked whether it would be best to leave it with the committee, or instruct the clerk to write to the company forthwith.

Mr. Ashton considered the best way would be to give their clerk instructions that night to take instant action.

After a further conversation, Mr. Crosland moved, and Mr. J. Shaw seconded a resolution, which was carried unanimously, that the clerk write to the Lancashire and Yorkshire Company, calling attention to the matter, and requesting the making of a good and safe footpath, and if no notice be taken of the letter a special meeting of the Board be immediately convened to consider what steps should be next taken.

The diversion of the footways in Dungeon Wood by the railway company was next mooted, but as Mr. Abbey had not yet completed his tracings of the plans, &c., for the information of the Board, the subject was left over till such tracings were presented to the Board.