Huddersfield Chronicle (15/Apr/1865) – Lockwood: The Local Board


The Local Board.

Public Footways and the Railway Company.

A deputation, consisting of Messrs. Thos. Etcliells, Allen Crosland, and Benj. Spencer, waited upon the Board, asking for their advice and interference with respect to the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company, who while making the new line to Meltham had entirely stopped up one public bridle way, and another was partially stopped. Great inconvenience and annoyance had been felt by the public. The bridle paths ran through Dungeon Wood, and were alleged by the deputation to be the only places available for the working classes to resort to to obtain fresh air after their labours were completed, and they urged upon the Board the necessity of taking immediate action in the matter. The Board promised to do so. Mr. Ashton intimated that the Highway Committee had already taken it in hand, and that while walking through the wood with Mr. Shaw that very morning he took the liberty to knock the wall down which had been placed in the path, and would do so again.

The deputation thanked the Board and retired.