Chester Chronicle (07/Apr/1855) – Yorkshire Ghosts

The “Seed Hill Ghost” is covered more fully in this blog post.

This particular article was common of several which mocked the people of Yorkshire for being superstitious.

Yorkshire Ghosts.

Every few weeks a ghost story appears in some of the Yorkshire newspapers ; and in the Sheffield papers, a week or two ago, we read of the death of a woman, brought on by fright, in addition to much local alarm. On investigation, however, the “ghost” generally ends, to use a popular expression “in smoke.” The people of Huddersfield have been foolishly alarmed for some days at the reported presence of a ghost in a house at Seed Hill, which made a great disturbance. The occupant even consulted a clairvoyant. It turns out that the supposed ghost was a young Irish servant, who, it appears, has considerably damaged the doors and windows, and some of the furniture, in her successful endeavours to impose on ignorant persons.