Leeds Intelligencer (31/Mar/1855) – The Seed Hill Ghost

The “Seed Hill Ghost” is covered more fully in this blog post.

The Seed Hill Ghost

This mysterious affair has at last been partially explained. On Thursday night it was suggested by a gentleman that a number of them should go on a tour of inspection through the house, and, by applying their walking sticks to different articles of furniture and washing utensils, see whether it was possible to produce a sound at all corresponding with that produced by the “ghost.” Accordingly they went, and after a short time succeeded in gaining a clue to the affair. One gentleman having brought his stick to bear upon the washing machine, the result was most conclusive, and upon interrogating a little Irish girl of about 12 years of age, named Catherine Healey, who was employed as maid-of-all-work by Mr. Routledge, she confessed to being guilty and was forthwith taken into custody. What motive could have been prompted so young a girl to such an act, and by what means she has been able so long and so successfully to baffle the investigations of at least half the people of Huddersfield, is at present shrouded in mystery.