Huddersfield Chronicle (23/Dec/1854) – Marsden: Drowned in the River

The death of Sarah Ann Lumb is also covered in this blog post.


Drowned in the River.

A sad catastrophe happened on Thursday evening, the 14th inst. A fine intelligent girl, about 16 years of age, named Sarah Ann Lumb, was returning to her residence in the village, after having left a female friend, whom she had been accompanying home, and in doing so had to cross the bridge opposite Mr. Johnstone’s shop. It was about eight o’clock: the night was very dark, wet, and boisterous, and, in a mistake, she went past the bridge, then turned, as she imagined, to go over it, but walked instead into the river, which, at this point, is unprotected by a wall. In consequence of the excessive rains, the water flowing down the river was deep and the current rapid, and the poor girl was borne away by the stream. Screams were heard by persons in the neighbourhood, and the alarm was given, but no one could be seen. The calamity has produced a very painful sensation in the village. The body has not yet been discovered. We observe that a reward of five pounds is offered by the relatives of the deceased to any one who shall find the body.

[ We have received two letters in relation to this sad accident. In both the writers urge on the authorities the necessity of fencing off the river at this point. We feel certain that so obvious a duty will not be longer neglected. ]